.Here are some of the people partaking in the project:

Cenek Jirasko, intern
Petra Medrikova, art historian and publicist
Jaroslav Kuntos, historical crafts, metal work and weapons specialist
Barbara Blattna, intern, documentation
Hugo Mensdorff-Pouilly, consultant
Tomas Lahoda, fine art restorer
Dobroslava Brichtova, director, Mikulov Chateau museum
Dorothea Pechova, chemical analysis specialist



The newest major project to report is the research and restoration of the von Dietrichstein portrait gallery at the Mikulov Chateau museum in southern Moravia. Thus far, fourteen paintings (about a quarter of the collection) have been fully restored and analyzed.
.........In conjunction to the work on the von Dietrichstein collection, Pavel Blattny has accepted an invitation from the foundation Institut zur Forderung von Wissenschaftlern und Kunstlern aus Ost - und Mitteleuropa to the Ambras chateau and Vienna where he has conducted research on the topic.

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